Mega Earthquake Evacuation Drill at GIIS Noida by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMC)

Published on 01 May 2017
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School is a place where hundreds / thousands of children of all age groups come for education and spend major chunk of their day. Since children spend around 6-8 hours everyday day at school, their safety and security becomes the foremost responsibility of the school authorities. So, it becomes all the more important for schools to have a sound Emergency Response Mechanism in place to deal with natural and human induced disasters effectively.

Understanding the criticality of the subject and its nature, DM Cell, Noida took up this initiative of conducting a Mega Earthquake Evacuation Drill in 101 schools of Gautam Buddha Nagar district on i.e. 27th April, 2017. The idea was to simulate a Mock Drill and observe how children safely evacuate from classrooms, when an earthquake of Richter 6.5 scale or above occurs.

The objective was to teach students and the staff, how to respond to an emergency situation like Earthquakes. Also, to help individuals evaluate how well all parts of the emergency plan work and how well the staff and students have been trained on the same.

The Mega Earthquake Evacuation Drill Programme conducted by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMC), and National Disaster Response Force (NDRS) - Police, Fire services, Health services, Disaster Management Cell, Noida laid down certain guidelines for the students and staff of the school. Officials from NDMC, India came to GIIS Noida to observe the Mock Earthquake Evacuation Drill that happened as per the given process:

  • Earthquake Evacuation Process Followed

All the students assembled in the school playground (predefined area) around 10:40 am and formed queues. NMDC Professional then explained dos and don’ts about various disasters and shared tips to be followed for safe evacuation during disasters.

After the rule explanation session, students went back to their respective classrooms and waited for the emergency bell to ring.   Upon feeling the tremors (simulated situation) and subsequently the bell, students as instructed took cover under the tables, and held the position for 10 secs. As soon as the tremors stopped, students safely evacuated and assembled into the playground while respective class teachers began their head counts.

During the practice sessions held earlier, students were instructed to follow the Buddy System i.e. students sitting together had to take care of their partner by holding hands while exiting. This approach was included to make sure that no child is left in the class during the evacuation process.

We are delighted to share that students from Global Indian Internal School (GIIS), Noida successfully completed the Earthquake Evacuation Drill with absolute discipline and conduct. All the pointers given by NDMC Officials were correctly met and acted upon by the students and staff. Floor Marshal - Ms. Pallavi Kulshrestha (Teacher, Pre-Primary Wing) and Satya Paul (Admin Manager, GIIS Noida) along with Mr. Ajit Singh (Sports Coach, GIIS Noida) and Mr. Amit (Sport Coach, GIIS Noida) along with other teachers from the campus worked extremely hard to educate students about the whole process and put the final Drill exceptionally well. Also, Ms. Nandita Dasgupta - Principal, GIIS Noida encouraged and supported everybody through the process which yielded such great results for the school, students and staff as a whole.

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