Giving back to the society; Good Citizenship Week at GIIS Noida

Published on 04 Aug 2017
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Who is a good citizen? What duties must they perform to become a responsible citizen of the country? Sensitizing the pre-primary students of Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida, Good Citizenship Week was observed in the campus with numerous activities to bring out the importance of giving back to the society we live in.

Day 1: Circle Time activity

First activity of the five day galore started as students were acquainted with responsibilities and duties of a good citizen and role of a good citizen must play to bring the much required change. It was a circle time activity and was carried out using an interactive chart made to bring out the roles and responsibilities clearly among students.

Day 2: Story Enactment

Students of KG C conducted a special assembly on being a responsible citizen. They presented a beautiful story weaved around the theme of the week. The whole scenario was to practically demonstrate the value and importance of citizens, and little acts of humans can bring a big change in the society. The assembly concluded with an oath taking ceremony where each one present took a pledge to take necessary steps in making themselves a responsible citizen of India.

Day 3: Conversation Station

Conversation stations were set up in each class to encourage value based learning among the tiny tots. Students were divided in a group of five and each group was allotted with a value card like honesty, respect, cleanliness, etc. Each group was given a situation based on the value card and chance to express their thoughts and opinions on the same.

Day 4: Kindness is a virtue

Teachers of the pre-primary wing conducted a special assembly where they enacted a small story based on the theme Kindness. The outcome was such that student swore to be kind to everyone around them.

Day 5: Craft take away

Tiny tots of the campus were engaged in batch making activity where they made beautiful handmade badges of being a good citizen which later on was pinned on their shirts. Our little stars went home happily as they had a badge that made them feel the happiness of being a responsible citizen.

Apart from a week-long celebration, a GOONJ donation camp was also organized where each student of the pre-primary wing donated old and new books, stationary, clothes and toys to the underprivileged section of the society. The idea was to help less fortunate section of the society by providing them with necessary materials of daily survival and education. We were more than ecstatic to observe that even parents of our students donated generously for this noble cause.

The objective behind conducting such activities is to sensitize them about the values and ethics in general, which makes them a good human being and a responsible citizen of the country. These activities were also aimed at enhancing their overall mental, physical, and skill development at the same time.

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