GIIS KL drives Meals on Wheels

Published on 06 Dec 2016
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The Interact Club and Give Club at KL Campus decided to take charge and the   heart of their mission was to provide comfort and compassion to those who live with a terrible sense of abandonment and helplessness. The event was held on the 3rd December 2016.

26 Students from CBSE and Cambridge  washed, chopped, diced and cleaned with passion. 21 Primary teachers,10 Cambridge teachers and 2 Senior teachers volunteered and were at hand to  cook and fry. Then came the huge task of packing the food in individual  packets.

The students and teachers worked in harmony to put together  500 packs of food. There were so many helping hands including an alumni Ms Shibani  V. who was there to manage and lead the younger students.

The distribution part was handled by the teachers as it was late night.13 teachers were at hand to team up with the youths from Kechara Soup Kitchen. At first the teachers were apprehensive as they thought that they would be moving in the back lanes of KL but the location was fixed and it was complete with facilities for a shower, haircut and even clothes. The group was divided and a briefing was given on how to distribute and to be safe at the same time too.

There were those who had registered and knew how the process works so they collected their food and moved on to either a haircut or collect some clothes. The new people had to register in order to collect their dinner.

As this was a first time event for most teachers, they were saddened by the plight of many, but as the team leader said we need to show empathy not sympathy.
It was all worth it in the end as they finished up, most of them were moved and appreciated the priviledges that they take for granted.

Global Indian International School KL plans to make this a monthly event so that it promotes service and civic engagement as not only important, but necessary if we want to improve our lives, the lives of others, and the dilemmas and misfortunes our world faces every day.

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