Educational Trip 2017 to Recron Malaysia

Published on 30 Jun 2017
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On 24th May 2017, the students of standard 11 and 12 went for a field trip to Recron Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Nilai. The industry is associated with Reliance and manufactures textiles. The students were all excited for the trip. The journey was 1 hour from Global Indian International School campus.

We reached Recron at 10:30; the students were escorted to the conference room. In the conference room the students were given an overview of the company. The students were also explained about the systems and procedures followed at Recron. The students were also given a safety briefing for their safety and protection. The students were then shown a model of the industry and the various fabrics and textiles manufactured by Recron. The students were given snacks and refreshments.

The students were driven to the industrial site through vans. Here the students were shown the procedures of production. The students observed the production procedure controlled by the employees in the control room. The students were explained about the various processes by which they use the raw materials like PTA, Ethylene Glycol to produce Polyester chips which is then drawn into Yarns and from the yarns a variety of fabrics are manufactures.

The second stop in the Industrial visit was the PYF - 4G PLANT. The students were allowed to feel the tensile strength and texture of yarn. The last stop was the Weaving to Production industry, the students observed the machines operations. An employee of the Weaving division operated the machine to demonstrate conversion of Yarn to fabric.

Overall the objective of the field trip was for the students to understand through a chemical reaction, how fabrics are produced and used in day to day life. The students could relate the concept of Polymerization which they have studied in their syllabus.

We are grateful to the team for their hospitality and guidance throughout the field trip, Amit Saxena, Sunil Yadav, Arvindakar Mudligiri, Ling Hau Hieng.

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