GIIS Indore leaves a mark in the IIMUN conference held at NDPS

Published on 31 Dec 2016
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Indian International MUN is a youth organisation that has conducted over 100 Model United Nations Conferences across the globe. As a student run organisation, everyone who works at the IIMUN is between the age group of 16-24 years.

The youth of today has the power to change the world at a rapid pace. IIMUN is a platform where great minds get an opportunity to test their potential and leave a positive mark on the world too.  Over the years, IIMUN has ignited minds of students for their benefit and has transformed their personalities like never before.

IIMUN –Indore was organized at NDPS where 32 students of Global Indian International School Indore participated under the guidance of Mrs. Priyashri Dubey. Our students presented their views and opinions on the agendas/issues of major concerns in the world.

Day 1: Beginning with the conference, IIMUN officials had arranged two skype sessions in which they briefed students about the rules and procedure of IIMUN committees and sessions. They were also explained about the MUN formats and special procedure of debate by Mr. Harshal Jain, the Secretary General of IIMUN Indore.

Around 800 students from 13 schools of Indore, Bhopal and Bhilai participated in the conference. Mr. Leslie Lewis (Bollywood Singer) graced the opening ceremony of the IIMUN conference. Speaking on the occasion, he encouraged students to fulfil their duties as a citizen of the nation. He emphasized on the fact that India is the only country of the world whose maximum population is Youth, and can do wonders for the growth and welfare of the country. Rishabh Shah, the founder and Director of IIMUN also graced the event with his presence. He was a real life example of youth leadership for the students. While addressing the audience, he laid emphasis on the need to work on international issues like communal peace, etc. Day 1 was closed by an electrifying performance by Leslie Lewis, leaving the audience speechless and spellbound.

This Conference has indeed given an amazing opportunity to understand the process of International Debate, Working of UN, Leadership and Public Speaking Skills as a valuable education tool for cooperative learning. All the renowned schools of not only Indore but from Bhopal and Bhilai had sent their delegates for the conference. The delegates were dressed up in westen formals for the ceremony. GIIS- Indore had participated with a team of 32 students under the guidance Ms. Priyashri Dubey.

Day 2: Students were dressed up as professional delegates ready to express their views on different agendas concerning the world. While expressing their views on the agendas given, students from each school got an opportunity to learn about the working and functioning of the United Nations and government in various countries. They understood the foreign policies of the participating countries. Delegates raised their placards to raise the motions and moderated caucus. Many students from GIIS Indore were first timers but made their presence felt to the Chair and Vice Chair.

Faculty members of the event visited each country to hear opinions and debates presented by our young leaders. During the ongoing sessions, many serious issues and motions including challenges were raised by the delegates. On the other hand, Mr. Aman Baldia the Vice President of IIMUN himself chaired the session of Security Council. Mr. Harshal Jain, the Secretary General and Mr. Aayush, The Director General of IIMUN Indore chapter frequently met all the delegates, faculties and volunteers to provide best possible help, and feedback of the arrangements.

The day, after a lot of brainstorming and discussions, debates and issues came to end with a Dance party organized by IIMUN officials for all the participants.

Day 3: The final day for the conference started with discussions on working papers, resolutions, etc. Delegates representing various countries looked intense like real politicians discussing every possible aspect of the problem. Debates turned serious, and so did their learning. This taught them to come on consensus even with personal differences and opinions. As the day moved towards the closing ceremony of IIMUN, each participant was awarded with a certificate of participation. Abhijit Solanki from grade 8 of GIIS Indore got special verbal mention in the unconventional committee as his presentation and debating reasons were liked by many. His speech and humbleness while presenting his views were appreciated by the committee members.

In its attempt to groom the future leaders of the world, IIMUN in its journey to every nook and cranny of this world will take its third visit at the Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore. In its previous two visits to the city, IIMUN has not only conducted its largest Chapter Conference here, but has also fallen in love with the beautiful architectural structures of the Rajwada Palace and the street of flavours, Sarafa Bazar. This conference was an attempt to only strengthen further the bond IIMUN shares with this city and to provide students of every school in Indore a memorable experience and teachings in diplomacy.

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