ECO CARE - Know Me Know Life, No Me No Life; Enterprise Challenge 2017 at GIIS Indore

Published on 24 Aug 2017
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Last year Global Indian International School (GIIS), Indore inaugurated the Enterprise Challenge that aimed at promoting entrepreneurship skills among its students. The idea was to provide them with a platform where they can use their imaginative and leadership skills to build a business from scratch.

Continuing with last year traditions, this year too, Enterprise challenge was organized as a part of parent-teacher meeting held in the school. Students had prepared beautiful paper bags with artistic decorations on the top. While selling their products to the parents and the staff members, they explained the utility of the product and its contribution towards keeping the environment clean and safe.

The only objective behind conducting such activities is to sensitize students with the importance of eco-friendly products. By participating in this activity, our students got an opportunity to understand the ill effects of using plastic bags and how decomposing them incorrectly causes a threat to our environment.

Enterprise challenge was an initiative taken to promote and enhance entrepreneurial skills of GIIS students. Each student got an opportunity to plan, act, and execute their business idea in their own respective way. They got hands on experience of business basics and learnt about various strategies to make a business profitable and serve the environment at the same time. It also taught them about team work and leadership skills in a way.

Parents motivated our students by purchasing the goods made by them. The amount collected after all that was sold will be utilized to foster enterprising skills in our students in future. We hope that our students keep up with such great efforts, and make us proud one day.

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