A Trip to the Animal Kingdom - GIIS Indore Students visit Zoo

Published on 02 Dec 2016
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Students at the Global Indian International Schools are often exposed to a variety of activities and field trips, in order to enhance their hands-on learning experience. Real time experiences helps our students to improve their interpersonal and social skills, and polish their communication skills as they interact with their peers and elders at a personal level than usual. They learn to imbibe invaluable insights into life from the environment around them.

With an objective of sensitizing students about the animal kingdom and various existent species, pre-primary and grade 1 students of the campus were taken for a field trip to a zoo. Jumping with excitement students witnessed numerous animals which they had only seen on their television sets. From hyenas, to jackal, rabbits, tortoise, alligators, crocodiles, deers, etc. students got a chance to closely observe each one of animals present. Upon glancing at the White Tiger, children got super thrilled to witness the king of the Kingdom. They even had enclosures of Hippopotamus, elephants, bears and foxes. Our little ones beamed with joy as monkeys jumped from one branch of the tree to another.

Not just animals, students even encountered some never seen before birds like emu, pelicans, big owls, water birds like ducks, and cranes, etc. the little ones got so engrossed in observing their natural habitats and characteristics, that convincing each one of them to go back was one heck of a task. They all became so fond of their surroundings that none of them wanted to leave the place. During their journey back to school in bus, tiny tots shared their observations taken during the field trip.

In true sense, this visit to the zoo helped our students co-relate the concepts they had been learning in class with real life experiences gathered at the zoo.

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