Laurels galore at ACSIS meet for GIIS East Coast

Published on 21 Nov 2017
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The Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) has been established to provide student athletes with an opportunity to compete in sports and games. The philosophy of ACSIS is to promote healthy sportsmanship irrespective whether the schools win or lose. There are 34 International schools and throughout the year there are various games and sports competitions.

All the membership schools are allowed to register the teams according to the availability of team and the seasons. There are 3 seasons and the games are planned in such a way that all the member schools can be part of the ACSIS sports and games.

GIIS has been participating in the ACSIS tournaments regularly. GIIS gives importance to sports as it promotes health and fitness besides academic pursuits. Participating in inter-school sports competitions provides an impetus to the students to foster camaraderie and hone their sporting skills.

The teams for ACSIS tournaments are selected through a selection committee comprising of the ECA coaches and the Physical Education Department. The student athletes are selected in the respective sports and games based on the various parameters of fitness.

GIIS East Coast has 12 badminton, 10 basketball, 7 cricket, 9 soccer, 11 tennis and 6 chess teams for various categories. These athletes also participate in the track and field events, which are held for the different categories.

Here is a glimpse of the sporting accomplishments of GIIS budding sportsman in the various major sports meets across Singapore, including the ACSIS season 1 tournaments:

GIIS Open Badminton

  • U-12 boys doubles Runner up
  • U-12 boys singles winners and runner up
  • U-14 boys singles winners and runner up
  • U-14 girls singles winners and runner up

 Sports carnival

  • U-12 boys runner up
  • U-12 girls 1st runner up
  • U-15 boys 1st runner up and 2nd runner up
  • U-15 girls 2nd runner up


  • U-11 boys champions and girls 2nd runner up
  • U-12 boys and girls champions
  • U-14 girls champions 

Basketball Achievements

Sports Carnival

  • U-12 girls – 2nd runner up
  • U-12 boys - 1st Runners up
  • U – 15 Boys Winners
  • U-15 girls – 2nd runner up

Cricket Achievements

Howzat youth Cricket Season – 1

  • U-13 Boys – Runners up
  • U-11 Boys – Winners
  • U-15 Boys – Winners

SCA Cricket

  • U-10 Boys Winners
  • U-14 Boys Winners

MPL Cricket Junior Cup 2017

  • U-14 Boys – Winners

ACSIS Season 2

  • U-12 Boys – 2nd Runners up

GIIS T/20 Cricket Tournament

  • U-16 Boys – Champions

Howzat youth cricket Season 2

  • U-11 Boys – Runners up

KRS Cricket

  • U-9 Boys – Runners up

Soccer Achievements:

Sports Carnival

  • U-10 Boys – Winners
  • U-12 Boys – Winners
  • U-12 Boys – 1st Runners up
  • U-15 Boys – Winners
  • U-15 Girls – 1st Runners up

NPS Charity Soccer Tournament

  • U-12 Boys 2nd Runners up
  • U-14 Boys Champions
  • U-16 Boys 2nd Runners up
  • U-16 Girls 3rd Runners up

ACSIS Season 1

  • U-16 Boys Div. -3 – Runners up

ACSIS Season 2

  • U-10 Boys Soccer – Runners up

ACSIS Season 3

  • U-12 Boys champion

Tennis Achievements

GIIS Open Tennis

  • U-14 boys Singles – 2nd runner up
  • U-14 boys doubles – 2nd runner up
  • U-14 girls doubles – 2nd runner up

Sports Carnival

  • U-15 boys double champion and 2nd runner up
  • U-15 girls doubles 2nd runner up

Track and Field Achievements:

  • Junior school event our team won 14 positions
  • U-12 and U-14 overall runner up with 26 medals and 3 individual meet records

Chess Achievements

  • 7 individual positions


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