Kindle love through kindness

Published on 21 Nov 2017
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Friends of Singa, a kindness movement empower students to take up kindness projects to benefit their schools as well as the community by and large. Every year it is a five-month long endeavour wherein students participate in kindness projects and make a difference.

This year, eight secondary students along with their teachers Ms. Ida and Ms. Hannah embarked on the kindness journey by incorporating various interesting and fun filled activities. At the beginning of the year, the kindness ambassadors put up an assembly presentation where they briefed the students about the various activities. During one of the house activities students wrote kindness messages and quotes on a strip of paper that was later put together in a kindness chain. 

The members of Friends of Singa (FOS) also organised movie-making competition entitled ‘Kindness Reel’ and story writing competition called, ‘Stories from the Heart’. The FOS volunteers also made good luck cards for the board going students. The enthusiastic members also organised a welcome party for the new joiners in an event called ‘Bowl of Fun with new buddies’.

The activities of FOS for this year culminated with a flash mob propagating the importance of being kind in a unique manner. Students of Class 8, 9 and 10 performed a flash mob dance at Spottiswoode amphitheater on Saturday, 30th September, 2017. The students began their flash mob dance by depicting different gestures of kindness that could be rendered to people in and around the society.

The peppy beat, the foot tapping dance steps and the energetic dancers were able to attract the audience and on lookers in sending across the message to them that “Kindness - It’s Up to Us”.

As soon as the students finished their zestful dance, it was well appreciated by the onlookers and the residents who had come around to witness it. In addition to this, flyers were also distributed among all who were present there making them aware on how simple acts of kindness can be incorporated one’s life and if done so how life can be more meaningful and well worth living for. As it is rightly said, kindness is a gift which everyone can afford to give.

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