Run for Unity 2016; GIIS Bangalore Celebrates the Spirit of Gandhian Values

Published on 03 Oct 2016
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To celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, Global Indian International School (GIIS), Bangalore, hosted a cross country run for the parents of the students of GIIS on 1st October 2016. The programme was powered by Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal values and Chandu Borde Global Academy.

A large number GIIS Parents assembled at the campus at 9 AM in the morning with much enthusiasm. The day began by gathering around the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and observing 2 minutes of silence under the leadership of the school Principal,

‘Run for Unity’ is an initiative to bring parents together on a common platform to spread the message of universal values. As they wore the ‘Run for Unity’ cap and ran 1.5 kms on the roads they represented values like peace, tolerance, equality and camaraderie. After the completion of the run they returned to the campus. All parents were presented with a participating certificate and the winners were awarded medals. The parents were extremely satisfied with the school’s consciousness to spread the message of ethics, discipline and universal values. They interacted with each other over snacks and tea and shared their sense of belonging and connect to GIIS as stakeholders in the process of learning.

“Run for Unity not only provides a platform for fitness drive, but it’s extremely rewarding because you feel like you’ve really achieved something incredible after completing a run. Especially because the message that is conveyed through this mega participation is that of virtues like honesty, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and empathy.” Said Mr. Ganesh Sharma- Principal GIIS Whitefield, Bangalore.

“Parents are our ambassadors. As a part of the GIIS family we look forward to their aligning with our philosophy and culture. I am glad that so many parents felt the urge to participate in our mission to spread peace and harmony in our surroundings.” Added Mr. Rajeev Katiyal, Country Director, GIIS, India.

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