Inauguration of Furtados School of Music Classes at GIIS Whitefield with a musical surprise

Published on 14 Jun 2017
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The soft notes with white keys is always soothing to the ears and a passion of aspiring pianists. In the world of musical instruments, piano has a special place and to inculcate this ​style among GIISians, we have tied up with the Furtados School of Music (FSM), for this Academic Year. FSM, was founded in 2011 and they have made a mark among schools, universities, NGOs and artists for providing fine quality music education. They cater to the international standards of music recitals and their association with GIIS has been very insightful and imbibing.

The inaugural function of the Furtados School of Music (FSM) classroom was a blissful moment to rejoice for the students. The musical space was inaugurated by Mr. Ram Prakash who is the Infrastructure Partner for GIIS Whitefield. The aura inside the room with the perfect wall paintings of musical notes and instruments welcomed everyone present there. The students presented a choir song and they also presented solo recitals on the piano. Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' or Mozart's 'Rondo alla turca', the GIISians truly enjoy the notes and present the same in the most soothing way.

GIIS Whitefield is overwhelmed to see the level of enthusiasm shown by the students who had opted to pursue the professional piano classes from FSM last year. The students displayed a great commitment and regal vibe in the series of recitations during the 4th Annual Day celebration. Talking to the students, they were happy to share the ways in which they had been benefitted through these classes last year. As the students explored the world of musical notes, this boosted their self-esteem, improved their concentration in academic studies and was a great physical exercise which developed coordination and motor skills. The virtue of patience and discipline comes automatically while learning to play instruments as piano.

Music and academics complement each other and GIIS believes that every student can discover their musical interest in their journey as they pursue their academic goals. 

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