GRADE 9 of GIIS Whitefield receive useful insights on how to SET SMART TARGETS

Published on 07 Jul 2017
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Setting goals is the first step towards turning the invisible into visible. The first batch of Grade 9 students of Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield are being given all the guidance to help them prepare for their board exams and also in life.  On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, the students received a wonderful session on 'SETTING SMART TARGETS' in life. The session was taken by Ms Vaishali Borde-National Head of Co-Scholastics and Early Years who gave a lot of tips that the students could apply in their academics as well as life goals. 

The importance of setting targets and goals were emphasized upon with random questions as part of the ice-breaking session. Students at this age generally have a lot of goals for life and few of them shared their career goals as well. The 'Want' wishlist that the students had to prepare was demonstrated with the help of a written exercise.  They had to pen down 10 goals and select one among those, share how they were going to achieve those goals. The idea of manifesting a goal was explained with the help of an engaging game, wherein the students had to put a big ball in the given target (basket) from a distance.  The distance was changed to help the students achieve their goals each time. Few interesting insights came up after the game with respect to reasons for not having being able to achieve the goal. The focus or lower level of concentration was regarded as the most important factor.

On the basis of these inputs, the students were given tips how to see ahead of time and set smaller achievable targets from now which were supported by proper measuring tools in terms of upgrading their scores, working on vocabulary building, regular submission of assignments, class interaction and discussion. Ms. Vaishali Borde also shared a 360 degrees SMART goal setting template which the students can use to set goal, pace out tasks, execute and finally see how much is accomplished. The students were thus geared up and motivated towards achieving their score targets as their preparedness for Grade 10. The ideas and tips were very insightful and the best way to achieve great success in life is to set goals and work with a plan in action to achieve the same. The passion to accomplish all the long term goals set by any student makes him/her a globally responsible citizens. 

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