GIISians showcase good communication skills in the Elocution Competition

Published on 20 Jun 2017
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The art of communication is considered to be the language of leadership. When children are given the opportunities during their schooling years to speak and express their views fluently and confidently, they become responsible citizens of the future.  

At Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield, the importance of right communication is taught to the students of all grades. The Elocution competition conducted for the students of Grade 1-8 during their House Activity class. The students of all the classes were given different topics to speak. Grade 1 and 2 had to speak about 'Importance of Trees', Grade 3- 5 were to talk about 'Leaders who changed the World' and Grade 6-8 had to speak about the 'Impact of Technology’. Whether it was a Grade 1 student or a Grade 8 student, they exhibited very good oral communication skills. They were receptive to all the feedbacks and very eager to learn and improve. The purpose of such activities in the campus, is to hone the spoken English skills of the students to help them learn the art of presentation with proper voice modulation and clarity of speech.

Bangalore GIISians share inspiring messages

The students were happy to participate in the Elocution Competition and they shared some interesting aspects that they got to learn. Some of the experiences from the participants were truly inspiring.

'I am happy because I could speak about the importance of trees and share knowledge with my friends in class.'

'My teacher said that I had prepared well and my grammar was good. I am very happy.'

'I liked the topic given to me. I could say many things. I will improve on my grammar and be more confident next time'.

‘I forgot my lines but I was motivated by my teacher to stay calm, remember and speak. I thank my teacher.'

The teachers were happy to see the students participate and they could identify the potential of all the students who participated. The idea was not to win but to make mistakes and learn new techniques to improve. Communication is always evolving and with proper guidance students will get the confidence to speak confidently and wisely anywhere they go.

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