GIISians Enter the World of Mystery Writing with Asha Nehemiah

Published on 05 Jan 2017
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Global Indian International School Bangalore had a special guest who introduced the students of Grade 5 to the magic of mystery writing. Asha Nehemiah, a prolific writer, is known for her passion in writing books for children of all ages. She is an acclaimed author who writes to strike a chord of curiosity and interest for the children with a blend of humour, fantasy and adventure in all her books.  It was a pleasure to see her interact with the students and make the world of book writing so easy and engaging to one and all. She gave an inspiring session to the students on how to do Mystery Writing. The art of writing a fictional story was explained through a workshop wherein the students were given the tips and steps to follow while they write a Mystery story.

The students were curious and very ardent listeners all throughout. In fact it was amazing to see their power of visualization and creative thoughts that they penned down to narrate a plot of a mystery story based on the topic 'JAM'. Some of the students shared their newly created stories with brilliant imagination, out of the box story line and character details. It showed that they had a very good understanding of the pointers given to them. It is seen when the students are encouraged to give wings to their imagination and write in the right direction, they may perchance evolve as the future Mystery writers. The popular books by Asha Nehemiah include The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula, Sir Lawley's Ghost and Other Stories, Granny's Sari, Mrs Woolly's Funny Sweaters and many more.

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