GIIS Whitefield introduces Brain Gym activities for all the Pre-Primary classes

Published on 07 Jul 2017
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When it is gym time for the brain, there is joy in the heart, speed in the energy and smile on the face.

As the body needs food and nourishment to function, the brain which is the powerhouse for stimulating all actions that we perform, needs to be relaxed and replenished with active exercises. This is conveniently and coherently possible through the Brain Gym exercises.

A healthy and active mind generates a happy pupil at school.  Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield, Bangalore has introduced the 'Brain Gym' daily sessions for all the small wonders of Pre-Primary. This was initiated through an exclusive training session on Brain Gym activities for all the Pre-Primary teachers on 1stJuly, 2017, by Ms. Roopashree G.D, a Pre-Primary trained brain gym teacher. She helped every teacher learn and understand the importance of these simple exercises to help small children absorb loads of active energy for their mind. Brain gym, comprises of simple tasks that are meant to enhance the concentration power, emotional intelligence and creative zeal among the students right from their early years of schooling. Internationally, this method is adopted by most Montessori and Kindergarten schools and the results are amazing.  The basic activities involve finger fitness, neck rolls, thinking cap, double doodle and many other fun exercises, each of which have a good impact on relaxing the brain.

Ms. Preetha D'Mello, Head Mistress (Pre-Primary, GIIS Whitefield) says, 'Brain gym exercises have made our young students curious and ready to learn. It is a simple strategy to awaken the brain and produce results. Through the coordinated and continuous efforts of our teachers we are excited to implement this new initiative in Pre- Primary classes'.

This is an innovative methodology to help students in their academic life and development while they are in Nursery, KG1 and KG 2. The activities are stress-free and is a natural energy boosting technique for the brain. It is casual and kids enjoy doing them as a fun activity during their classes. â€‹

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