GIIS Bootcamp ignited unique entrepreneurial skills in the minds of the aspiring 30 students at GIIS Bangalore

Published on 01 Feb 2018
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Living by our mission to nurture our students into global citizens and making all efforts to equip them with 21st century learning techniques that make them future-ready, the recently conducted GIIS Bootcamp, with around 30 students from Grade 8 and 9 of GIIS Bangalore, proved to be one of the best opportunities given to them. This was conducted on 24th and 26th of January, 2018 in the Global Indian International School (GIIS) Bangalore campus.

When an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp was offered to the IITians and MBA graduates to help them start their journey of entrepreneurship, the results were phenomenal wherein at least one idea was sure to create the actual chord in the minds of investors. GIIS Bootcamp eminent trainers Mr. Ash Singh and Mr. Aalok Doshi believed that Grade 8 and Grade 9 students of GIIS Bangalore are ready for it right now. The first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship Bootcamp in GIIS India campuses began with a cheerful applause at GIIS Bangalore. The initial session comprised of a series of interactive sessions, all of which, connected to the concept of ‘Start up’. Professor Ash Singh and Mr. Aalok Doshi helped the students experience the most commonly played game at school, to state ideologies associated with entrepreneurial qualities. Further on there were sessions on ‘Pitching an Idea in a Minute’ as a team which gave way to many creative ideas within the limited span of time. Ms. Melissa Maria (Principal, GIIS Singapore Eastcoast campus) emphasized on the fact that GIIS students vision was way beyond their age and they have always proved their best when it comes to creativity. She was sure that every student was capable to start a company in future and the Bootcamp would help them build their idea with positive results. The day’s sessions comprised of video sessions and practical activities and the journey of creating an idea was beautifully explained with real life examples and simple tactics to be followed.

The 2nd day, which was the final round of the GIIS Startup Bootcamp, was more about bringing clarity to the students with respect to building up on an idea that included identifying the target audience, pitching with an USP (Unique Selling Proposition), making the optimal use of manpower and technology to position the product smartly and finally making a cost and revenue proposal.

The facilitators from INSEAD and Ivey Business School made the entire session of idea generation and pitching very seamless while they provided students the access to online chapters/ videos as part of this exclusive workshop.  Some wonderful business ideas came in from these budding entrepreneurs. Ideas on Soul shoes, Safe cube, Online fashion app, INH (I Need Help) app and Music composer app were showcased in the one minute-elevator pitch and the final 5 minutes pitch for the qualifying teams.

The GIIS Bootcamp winning title was earned by the team who presented the idea - Safe Cube. Kudos to the aspiring start-up entrepreneurs who are all set to match with IITians and like when it comes to pitching an idea for business.  The parents who had come to watch the final presentation made by all the teams, were very happy with this initiative. They were of the opinion that getting such an exposure on entrepreneurship at such a young age from some of the best mentors who train the MBA graduates, is a wonderful platform. Students who participated were active and presented their idea with clarity and confidence. One of the parent was himself motivated to start a business because of the ideas shared in the Bootcamp. He said an idea, big or small, did not matter. The faith in oneself, teamwork and the ability to convince investors for funding the idea was essential.

Such start-up Bootcamps will be conducted in the GIIS India campuses to help many more students learn about entrepreneurship with conviction and passion to think out-of-the-box.

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