Zoo-Time with our animal friends at the Singapore Zoo!

Published on 13 Sep 2017
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School field trips are incomplete without a visit to the famous Singapore Zoo and to make it complete, GIIS Balestier organized a Day Camp for all the students to the Singapore Zoo. It was a 4 day camp from 2017 August 28th to 31st, where all sections of any 2 classes were selected to visit the Zoo on each day. Ms. Meena Patil and all class teachers coordinated the day camp.

It was the perfect week to be out of the classroom and feel connected with nature. Students were excited and looking forward to spend the day out. All were wearing colorful caps and carrying light small bags to go to the zoo. Students left at 9:30 a.m. in big buses. Every bus had 2 to 3 teachers with a helper accompanied for first aid. After getting the tickets, the children took the trail where they saw monkeys, peacocks on the way. The world’s largest land animal showed their strength by pushing the log, doing a balancing act on the giant log. They also viewed the elephant spray far and wide. This show was followed by Rainforest show where the impact of deforestation is causing harm to the animals like lemur, snakes, otters, monkeys and we all should do our part to save the rainforest. Students also saw the hippos, orangutans swinging on the branches, white tiger relaxing in the pool. It was a fun-filled connection with wildlife.

The children had a lovely week and they are looking forward to continuing new way of learning and discovering more about habitats and where they are in the world.

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