Making numbers fun at Mathematics Week

Published on 30 Jan 2018
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‘Mathematics is all around us’ was the key message of the Math Week held from 15th to 19th January, 2018 at the GIIS Balestier campus in Singapore. The platform was used to appreciate and enjoy the usefulness and beauty of mathematics through practical activities, exploration and discussions.

The event started with a spectacular assembly presentation by Students of grades 5 and 6 on the opening day, conveying the link between mathematics, nature and music. The students talked about the Fibonacci series, and the shapes, fractals, geometry and symmetry in flowers, as well as the Phi-golden ratio.  

Grade 6 student Anurag Thakur created an animation video on ‘Mathematics in Nature’ using coding techniques, which showcased how different natural things are arranged based on their mathematical properties. This was followed by an enthralling performance by students using cups to the famous song 'When I’m gone', exhibiting the rhythm of math.  Math booths were set up with interesting math games by Grades 2, 3 and 4. The math relay races and quizzes provided the students a platform to showcase their knowledge.

Students of Grades 5 and 6 confidently taught their peers key concepts of Algebra and Integers. Full of interesting activities, the week culminated with a special assembly by Grades 3 and 4, on 19th January, 2018. The winners of various games and competition were given Certificates of Achievement for their participation in the activities through the week.

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