Igniting curious minds – Prof. M.G.K. Menon science week

Published on 05 Dec 2017
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Science is a way of knowledge. It solves the mystery behind all the various happenings around the world. It has existed from time immemorial. Science and scientific research is the key behind human progress. To ignite curious minds and invoke an interest in the field of Science, GIIS Balestier Campus organised a Science week in the memory of M.G.K. Menon on November 13, 2017.

The Science week was initiated in the academic session of 2016-17. The week commenced with a tribute to Prof M.G.K Menon – a renowned physicist and GSF/GIF Patron. This year’s Science week aimed at igniting curiosity in students’ minds in a fun filled way. It also made learning a joyous process. Each day of the week had a different theme. ‘Science Conclave’ had students from classes 1 to 6 present interesting and informative presentations on subjects such as famous scientists, science behind old customs and traditions and Gandhian values. ‘Quiz mania’ tested the General Scientific knowledge of the students while ‘Inquisitive Crusaders’ gave the students a chance to share their views on topics such as ‘Is Exploring Space worth our time and Money?’, ‘Do you think financial incentives to save rainforests are a good idea?’, ‘Is Artificial Intelligence a bane or a boon?’ and if ‘Science can solve world food problem?’.

A debate competition amongst Classes 5 and 6 saw interesting views on topics such as ‘Do violent video Games trigger violent behaviour in kids?’ and if ‘Genetic modification of crops are ethical and does ‘Innovation impacts Science’. The students’ enthusiastic participation made the week successful. The week culminated with a workshop on ‘Robotics’ and a ‘Cozy Garden Workshop’ by CIB & N-Park Ambassadors Madam May La Lee & Madam Cheryl Wee of Cozy Garden Bukit Batok RC Zone 2. GIIS Balestier is confident that the Science week has invoked curiosity and inspired young minds to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and / or Mathematics.

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