When we pray to women deities, why we do kill the girl child?: GIIS Ahmedabad students

Published on 27 Oct 2016
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Today our society has become more aware of the plummeting numbers in the birth of the girl child. We read almost every other day about numerous studies and survey regarding the skewed sex ratio in our country. But, sadly this is pertinent only to the urban society and cities. There are villages and remotest of places in our country where birth of a girl child still considered a taboo, where hundreds of female foetuses are killed in the womb so that they never see the light of the day.

This sorry state of our society shows how contradictory our way of living is. How we celebrate when a boy is born in a family and how the mother is cursed at the birth of a girl child. Importantly, In India we have ample women deities, we bow our heads to, to seek blessings and prosperity. Then why do kill our daughters and rejoice the birth of our sons?

This question was put forth by the little Global Indian International School students of class 4B in their special class assembly themed ‘Save the Girl Child’. The students got everyone thinking when they performed a heart-wrenching skit, showing our society’s biased attitude towards the girl child. The students performed a song along with the skit, however, the most striking moment in the whole assembly was when three girl students dressed as ‘ma saraswati, ma durga and ma laxmi’, came up on the stage and said, “You all pray to us for knowledge, strength and prosperity and call us ‘mother’, then why do you kill the innocent unborn girls?” There was complete silence and every student, teacher and staff, present in the assembly was touched by this contradictory attitude of our country; their eyes searching for an answer.

As the audience was still lamenting on the striking end of the assembly, a few students came up on the stage with placards which read ‘SAVE THE GIRL CHILD’, stood in silence, holding the placards high up in the air. The surely drew home the point that ‘let us unite and empower girls; let us educate our fellow citizens that girls can stand at par with boys in everything today’.

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