Right, left and right we march with all our might…!

Published on 28 Oct 2016
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The sound of right, left and right reverberated in the classroom and the corridor of the pre-primary section of Global Indian International School Ahmedabad. The entire lobby was filled with excited voices of children trying to synchronize their foot-steps with the commands of right, left and right! The other teachers and students who were playing in the ground, adjacent to the pre-primary classrooms, were in complete awe! Their faces questioning and wondering what was going on so interesting, that all the little ones were so overwhelmed.

So, one of the pre-primary teachers, walked up to the elder students playing outside and invited them to see what the little ones were up to. And, this brought content to the inquisitive students and they hurriedly walked in to the pre-primary classrooms. Much to their delight, these elder students witnessed happiness, excitement and neon foot-steps made from chart papers, stuck on to the floor. The little students were trying to walk on these foot-steps slowly and correctly, as the teacher said out right, left and right.

The pre-primary teachers of class K2 took up this very creative activity to teach the little ones the concept of ‘right, left and right’, which was well-received by the students. Every student was given a chance to walk over the pretty neon foot-steps in their classrooms and this of course culminated in an interactive learning session!

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