Mixed emotions at GIIS Ahmedabad K2 Graduation Day!

Published on 21 Mar 2017
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How time flies, said all the parents of the Global Indian International School (GIIS) Ahmedabad pre-schoolers, who were graduating to class 1! Our bunch of K2 students, on their Graduation Day, seemed a little more matured, grown up and ready to begin their primary schooling. With their Graduation hats and Honour cords neatly put on, the now-not-so-young Kindergartners exhibited a wonderful performance up on the stage before their proud parents and teachers.

The K2 students confidently showcased what they learned in this academic year and proved that how ready they are for class 1. The teachers watched their students with teary eyes as they performed as Kindergartners, for the last time, flaunting their knowledge of vowels, weather, seasons, sight words, etc. Not only the parents but also teachers looked on with pride as they saw their children perform flawlessly without fumbling or without fear of performing on the stage. The Principal Caesar D’Silva said, “It’s hard for teachers to send off their children to a new class but they are also happy to see their coy children transform into confident, intelligent and disciplined individuals.” Mr. M P Mehta who is the District Education Officer was also present to witness the graduation ceremony.

The Graduation Day ceremony ended with all the K2 students giving synchronised dance performances and then doing the traditional Graduation Day act of tossing the Graduation caps! After the performances were over, with pride in their stride and excitement in their eyes, all K2 students came up one by one on to the stage to receive their certificates of graduation.

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