Living Gandhiji's values of 'Satya, Ahimsa and Swachhta'

Published on 06 Oct 2016
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He needed no expensive suits for his fan following, nor did he have an impeccable and attractive speech, and more so over, he needed no stout men with weapons to achieve his agendas or to win any nation! His mighty values, deeds, and his own life was a message to millions around the world who still live his thoughts through their actions. A man who used only a few meters of khadi to cover himself, lived in the simplest way, and shunned all worldly pleasures that he could posses with a barrister degree in South Africa and over a hundred years ago!

Yes, he was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who was conferred with the prefix ‘Mahatma’ not only because he freed India from the shackles of the British but also because he fought his battle with ‘Satya and Ahimsa’. Every year the world celebrates Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on October 2 to spread peace and universal brotherhood and motivate all to walk on the path of ‘Truth, non-violence, and cleanliness’.

MGCUV Assembly citing Bapu’s values

Global Indian International School Ahmedabad strongly believes in Gandhian values and ideologies and we imbibe them through Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values (MGCUV). So, to celebrate Gandhiji’s birth anniversary and draw students to his ethics, values, and ideologies, GIIS Ahmedabad held a special assembly in the school as part of MGCUV. The students of classes 3 to 6 prepared a small skit on Gandhiji’s life wherein one of the students was dressed as Gandhiji while others were playing different characters. The skit focused on ‘Truth, Non-Violence, and Cleanliness’ which the students enacted brilliantly. All the other students in the audience were touched by Gandhiji’s life and his thoughts during the assembly which ended with the famous prayer ‘Vaishnav Janato…’ Lastly, a few students conducted a quiz wherein questions on Bapu’s life were asked to the students.

Visiting his abode ‘Gandhi Ashram’

Celebrating Gandhiji’s birth anniversary isn’t complete if we don’t visit the Gandhi Ashram. This is the place where the great soul spent a crucial part of his life and also started the ‘Dandi March’. The students of classes 7 and 8 were thrilled to visit the ashram and educated the visitors there with an interesting street play. The visitors were enthralled by the students’ enactment and many also asked the students for selfie with them! The tour of the entire ashram was refreshing for the students who said that they could feel positive vibes in the ashram where Gandhiji once lived. They were taken around the ashram by an instructor there and were also taught how to spin the yarn like Bapu did. Some of the students also tried their hands at the spinning wheel.

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