GIIS Ahmedabad talks about goodness of Green Medicines

Published on 28 Feb 2017
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“Green” is the colour of life, tranquillity and wellbeing. When we hear Green, we think of soothing trees, sprouting sprigs and a calm mind. Today, the world is propagating for greening of our earth in order to survive global warming and provide a greener tomorrow for the future generations to come. But the goodness of Green has been there since over thousands of years in the form of Green Medicine that our ancestors used for healing and curing purposes.

Going back to our roots and spreading awareness about the “Green Treasure” that India possesses, Global Indian International School (GIIS) Ahmedabad celebrated “Green Medicine Day”, in memory of Kasturba Gandhi, who advocated the benefits of Green medicine staunchly.

A special assembly named ‘Generation GM: Green Medicine’ was conducted by students of class 4B to once again utilise medicinal plants that are easily available and have immense healing properties. The students had prepared a presentation and listed medicinal items like Indian gooseberry (amla), ginger, aloe vera, holy basil (tulsi), honey, etc. which are all available in our houses. The students also said that how the sages, over 3,000 thousand years ago used medicinal plants to cure and heal people and how in Ramayana, Lord Hanuman saved Laxman’s life with ‘Sanjivani’.

The assembly surely got everyone thinking of trying the age old natural remedies which we should be proud that this rich ancient medicinal system belongs to India. At the end of the assembly, all seated in the MPH were given Aloe Vera juice, as a mark of participation in the “Green Medicinal” revolution.

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