GIIS Ahmedabad bags the ‘INTACH School of the month’ title!

Published on 27 Oct 2016
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Global Indian International School Ahmedabad has once again joined the league of schools by winning the ‘INTACH School of the Month’ title! And, the entire team of students and teachers who put in efforts and ideas to win the title for the month of September are definitely on cloud nine! The coveted title is the result of the dedication and perseverance of the INTACH team who did a remarkable job by creating awareness and urging their fellow mates, teachers, parents, and the society at large, to ‘Save Tigers’. These students took up this issue in their assembly rather formidably. They started the assembly with skit play depicting the sorry state of the big cats in the forests and how they fall prey to reckless poaching.

The skit showed a hunting scene where a student was dressed as a hunter and shoots a tiger simply out of the sadistic pleasure of shooting the tigers and seeing them lay in the pool of blood helplessly. This dreaded act of the hunter was criticised by the passers-by and the people living in the nearby village. “Animals too deserve to live for they are not just livestock,” said the onlookers at the hunting scene. This was followed by famous English song ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry which was sung by our students Khushi Patel and Tanishka Bhandari of class 8. The students subsequently flashed placards urging all to save tigers and also showing ways to help save tigers. Some of the placards read adopt a tiger, donate money to NGOs working to save tigers, stop poaching, etc.

Well, the students’ efforts to ‘Save Tigers’ did not end with the assembly and they scheduled a visit to the Kankaria Zoo in Ahmedabad. The students observed the tigers in the zoo and interviewed the zoo caretakers to know how the tigers are kept in the zoo. The INTACH team of students also met the zoo director Mr. Ranjeet Singh Jadeja , who has been working with the zoo since 35 years. Mr. Jadeja told the students that there is veterinarian 24/7 at the zoo for the animals especially extinct animals like tigers, lions, etc.

Some students loved the idea that these animals at the zoo can be adopted by providing monetary aid for the animals’ food and other requirements. Few from the INTACH team have adopted some animals at the zoo and visit them regularly to see their well-being.

Being a part of INTACH has not only brought the school laurels but has also made our students, teachers, parents, and everybody associated with us, more aware and attached to our heritage, culture, and the endangered species of course!

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