Ancient ruins of Lothal scream for attention: GIIS Ahmedabad

Published on 07 Mar 2017
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Amidst the barrens of a small town known as Bhal in Gujarat, lay ruins of hundreds of years old - Indus Valley civilization. After reading about it in the textbooks, it was rather magical for the students to see world’s oldest human civilization in real. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Ahmedabad took students of classes 7-8 on excursion to Lothal to witness in real the archaeological remains of the 4,500-year-old city which was once a vital and thriving trade centre in ancient times. The students were amazed to see the ruins of brick walled houses, proper sanitation and drainage system, a port, a dock, large granary, covered bath areas and wells.

The ruins that have stood the test of time for over centuries are proof enough  of how advance the men and women of the era were to have built such a meticulously planned city. The students made note that the archaeological site had an upper acropolis, lower acropolis, cemetery, bead factory, warehouse and old wells and needs an urgent attention from the government and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

The people of Lothal were engaged in the trade of beads, gems and valuable ornaments reaching the far corners of West Asia and Africa. The students also visited the museum there which exhibits marvellous antiquities like beads, gold necklace copper/bronze fish hooks, bangles, perforated jar, ivory scale and shell compass, chess dice, etc.

All this reminds that there is no future if there was no history. The Lothal field trip will be engraved in the students’ minds forever and it obviously left them lamenting and imagining about the people of Lothal, their intelligence and advanced lifestyle which screams for attention, care and preservation.

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